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Silver natural drinking water in the bay of Kamchatka "Russkaya"

The purpose of the project - the creation of the production and sale of clean drinking water underground fresh water Bay deposit "Russian" in the amount of 3 million tons per year.



Ltd. "Russkya voda"

Business-idea (the purpose)

Production and sales of clean drinking water underground fresh water Bay deposit "Russian" in the amount of 3 million tons per year.

Territory of business

The field is located in the bottom of the bay on the eastern Russian coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula , 100 km south of the port of Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky . Territory of water intake located within the South - Kamchatka Nature Park , away from populated areas and industrial facilities. The uniqueness of the field due to the high performance of underground fresh water of drinking quality , the ability to download large-capacity tankers directly from the field. Russian bay depth, up to 26 m on the fairway, allow loading of water-filled vessels of up to 100,000 tons.


Total investments - 1 414.065 million rubles, including:
476.526 million rubles. - The construction of potable water main destination in the bay, "Russian", including the acquisition of equipment serving;
763.459 million rubles. - Design and construction of the pier;
24.08 million rubles. - Purchase serving equipment;
150.0 million rubles. - Contingencies.

Period of realization

Project implementation period - 2014-2019 gg.

Two phases:

1st queue: exploration fields, wells and construction of sluice pier construction, the implementation of underground fresh water water carrying vessels with a displacement of 100 tons.

2nd phase: construction of a plant bottling water capacity of 35 million bottles per year.

Type of project


Industry classification

Food industry.

Planned production (production capacity)

Production and sales of clean drinking water underground fresh water of the  deposit of bay "Russian" in the amount of 3 million tonnes per year:
- Water carrying vessels displacing up to 100 tons;
- Bottled more than 35 million bottles a year.

Socio-economic indicators of the project

Creation of 44 new jobs.

Providing the population with an environmentally friendly product.


Availability of business plan, feasibility studies, financial models

Business plan (in prices of 2009).

Availability of design, permits, necessary examinations (public, environmental, etc.) 

Obtained a license for a period of 25 years for geological study with concurrent and subsequent extraction of water. Drafted for geological exploration field. 5 wells. The project of the construction of the pier. Obtained by analysis of water corresponding SanPin "Drinking Water" and world standards.

Deposit protection passed by the State Committee for the Protection of deposits of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Availability of land plot

Signed lease agreement for 49 years for the construction of a water pipeline from the water intake and the loading terminal.

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