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Construction of the plant for thermal processing of peat "Energy Factory"

Construction of the plant for thermal processing of peat "Energy Factory"



Ltd. «MEP»

Business-idea (the purpose)

Production of alternative energy sources:
· Peat briquettes;
· Pellets;
· Liquid fuel stove.

Territory of business

Placing the company planned on the outskirts of Ust-Bolsheretsk, 100 m from the federal highway. License area is located in 5 km, north of the new enterprise. Distance from the regional center - the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is 220 km.



Period of realization

2014-2016 гг.

Launch of enterprise is possible on the 6th month after the start of funding, access to planning mode - 10-12 month.

Type of project


Industry classification

10.30 – Extraction and agglomeration of peat.

Planned production (production capacity)

Peat - 40% humidity.
Fuel peat pellets.
Fuel coal briquettes Pini * kay.
Fuel briquettes carbon (45 * 45 * 25) Roll.
Heating fuel oil substitute.
Liquid organo guminovvy concentrate with mineral supplements.

Socio-economic indicators of the project

- creation of new jobs;

- ensuring energy independence for the province;


Availability of business plan, feasibility studies, financial models

Business plan, financial model (work in progress).

Availability of design, permits, necessary examinations (public, environmental, etc.) 

License (Ltd. «МЭП).

Availability of land plot

Supposed to make the ownership of construction land and peat bogs.

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